Why the title -  undoing knots for my  blog?

I have always read blogs with names which relate to people writing them.and that is when i thought.. what would the URL for my blog be, what do i believe in?
And after a small flashback and random thought coming into my mind, I came to a conclusion..

That life is a ROPE, (a long, thick, abrasion resistant, water proof and all that rope).
This rope connects two points and the distance between those being the total span of your life. The longer your life, the longer the rope. As you started with your life (or the rope) you balanced yourself on it.

Walking and balancing on the rope was initially difficult, but then you learnt it, and kept on moving. And then came the KNOTS. Knots were difficulties you faced, like when your mother scolded you, when u were caught lying, when u failed in your exam, when the girl you love rejected your proposal, when you were confused between two boys, when a dear one left you for good etc etc.

Also, who tied the knots? GOD. (or if you believe in any supernatural force, he did.) He made all sorts of them, small knots, big knots, knot on knots, butterfly knots, figure eight knots and so on .. and all he wanted you to do is.. UNDO THEM.

These knots will never cease to cross you way, they will come with a different varieties, with different difficulty levels, and you will continue to find new ways to undo them.

so that is how  undoingtheknots.wordpress.com came up!


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